Security Headers is a part of Probely and was originally created by Scott Helme! It is a free and easy to use tool designed to help you better deploy and understand modern security features that are available for your website.

Probely is a forward-thinking cybersecurity company that specialise in the field of identifying vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs with their Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools.


There are services out there that will analyse the HTTP response headers of other sites, but we also have a grading system for results. The HTTP response headers that we analyse provide huge levels of protection, and it's important that sites deploy them. Hopefully, by providing an easy mechanism to assess them, and further information on how to deploy missing headers, we can drive up the usage of security based headers across the Web.


Now that Security Headers is a part of Probely, it will continue to operate with input from Scott, but also the Probely team! This means it has a great assurance of continued, reliable operation for many years to come.