Security Report Summary
IP Address: 2600:1406:3a00:787::1f51
Report Time: 14 Apr 2024 14:04:48 UTC
  • Content-Security-Policy
  • X-Frame-Options
  • X-Content-Type-Options
  • Referrer-Policy
  • Permissions-Policy
  • Strict-Transport-Security
Ouch, you should work on your security posture immediately:
Missing Headers
Content-Security-PolicyContent Security Policy is an effective measure to protect your site from XSS attacks. By whitelisting sources of approved content, you can prevent the browser from loading malicious assets.
X-Frame-OptionsX-Frame-Options tells the browser whether you want to allow your site to be framed or not. By preventing a browser from framing your site you can defend against attacks like clickjacking. Recommended value "X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN".
X-Content-Type-OptionsX-Content-Type-Options stops a browser from trying to MIME-sniff the content type and forces it to stick with the declared content-type. The only valid value for this header is "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff".
Referrer-PolicyReferrer Policy is a new header that allows a site to control how much information the browser includes with navigations away from a document and should be set by all sites.
Permissions-PolicyPermissions Policy is a new header that allows a site to control which features and APIs can be used in the browser.
Strict-Transport-SecurityThe "max-age" directive is too small. The minimum recommended value is 2592000 (30 days).
Raw Headers
content-typetext/html; charset=utf-8
x-statusmiss prod 1.7a
x-akamai-transformed9 404226 0 pmb=mTOE,1
expiresSun, 14 Apr 2024 14:04:48 GMT
cache-controlmax-age=0, no-cache, no-store
dateSun, 14 Apr 2024 14:04:48 GMT
set-cookie_abck=D93F938FAC93637E8F18C1E0986F785B~-1~YAAQiy0+F2TCtaKOAQAA18bs3AvtH9X0TfuGRGZLEjF8TMJtAOmFvrrlJi9YNoKceJ6LRXN8TyN93jUeV3VItRgcSES/xZsRx+vy5yQp/OLA9Gs+nFj4wU32zyTi1+cR7w97aPHp2TwAuEhL8D1l1iq1QCFN/vPS8cFcS51QN1/AYTKnPMuLbVBXI0AiBvQnXb5vYmCyWTnR2XrNAMbScIgfkkQhJg/NEgRA3dhdLUhjRP2z4ThnFnKHH+9392uv9Dh7HK0AjmTdnsAeWTy1ZrIdDML+qoNa0Gw3PZSjCLMya59ON94EvzxLO4HMWW8GlnZPXhU12Ekl0DD1hSkpgEPSz/TX67g7kUqRlW3hc2e80qoDejaKKZM=~-1~-1~-1;; Path=/; Expires=Mon, 14 Apr 2025 14:04:48 GMT; Max-Age=31536000; Secure
set-cookiebm_sz=40E46497275D48D704985F7D640A148D~YAAQiy0+F2XCtaKOAQAA18bs3Bclt6FPQHj8Zr9gOqZ40ar0YulnDp2R3ix0t1myF81d4MuKmEnoo0F9R4ysRjcAWiYMSb/UTscHkN1XZ3Yyt+fcaiHKkDVqJQ3lrKr/vt+/upqSjaGExD2UYmNlxTLH8KjpLq8VGnRxk+MU5AtjonYk/8bc1HzyYH/pDfaeuL36Qx/q0s4SXUAmq7Y75eRINNvOfmu2Ip3J/OE1VnXu0prR4nQ7Hp8IxLnwFtzzNxLKuEZkhBk08ehw31Nf55AIkqywgRKFcTJgTLsojFTnLnljzcg9V8IXYs4ayj0AoxZJTDk3LlurwsGN+JwmfwLpXGnyLkWUrGhpy+WFt6ulGpjRKE0AP7EjFrdtGThVd09HQVvIJFAh8JOyn6smtqLqXTE4/A==~3425848~4272963;; Path=/; Expires=Sun, 14 Apr 2024 18:04:48 GMT; Max-Age=14400
Upcoming Headers
Cross-Origin-Embedder-PolicyCross-Origin Embedder Policy allows a site to prevent assets being loaded that do not grant permission to load them via CORS or CORP.
Cross-Origin-Opener-PolicyCross-Origin Opener Policy allows a site to opt-in to Cross-Origin Isolation in the browser.
Cross-Origin-Resource-PolicyCross-Origin Resource Policy allows a resource owner to specify who can load the resource.
Additional Information
serverServer value has been changed. Typically you will see values like "Microsoft-IIS/8.0" or "nginx 1.7.2".
strict-transport-securityHTTP Strict Transport Security is an excellent feature to support on your site and strengthens your implementation of TLS by getting the User Agent to enforce the use of HTTPS.