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Raw Headers
HTTP/1.1400 Bad Request
Cache-Controlno-cache, no-store
Content-Typetext/html; charset=utf-8
Strict-Transport-Securitymax-age=31536000; includeSubDomains
Link<>; rel=preconnect; crossorigin
Link<>; rel=dns-prefetch
Link<>; rel=dns-prefetch
x-ms-ests-server2.1.10897.18 - SAN ProdSlices
Set-Cookiefpc=Ap4QfTWMZ0xCjUOFyLT2W3w; expires=Sat, 05-Sep-2020 13:58:01 GMT; path=/; secure; HttpOnly; SameSite=None
Set-Cookieesctx=AQABAAAAAAAGV_bv21oQQ4ROqh0_1-tArphVGXJaojg_SI9YXZWSXC0tB7r4r6wISaMArQr4rTI3fWusQ6YMJPQFl9no1t-29YVYWKBJHZ7EJ0ikCRGRKMhvztHu5yLibKh_U9SALdEpnXHZZ559-HqqH33zSu66RfedOoYdHXZDr-8NKlfpiD1ucSceA4HwtiepNUHfapQgAA;; path=/; secure; HttpOnly; SameSite=None
Set-Cookiex-ms-gateway-slice=prod; path=/; SameSite=None; secure; HttpOnly
Set-Cookiestsservicecookie=ests; path=/; SameSite=None; secure; HttpOnly
DateThu, 06 Aug 2020 13:58:01 GMT
Missing Headers
Content-Security-PolicyContent Security Policy is an effective measure to protect your site from XSS attacks. By whitelisting sources of approved content, you can prevent the browser from loading malicious assets.
X-Frame-OptionsX-Frame-Options tells the browser whether you want to allow your site to be framed or not. By preventing a browser from framing your site you can defend against attacks like clickjacking. Recommended value "X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN".
Feature-PolicyFeature Policy is a new header that allows a site to control which features and APIs can be used in the browser.
Upcoming Headers
Expect-CTExpect-CT allows a site to determine if they are ready for the upcoming Chrome requirements and/or enforce their CT policy.
Additional Information
Strict-Transport-SecurityHTTP Strict Transport Security is an excellent feature to support on your site and strengthens your implementation of TLS by getting the User Agent to enforce the use of HTTPS.
X-Content-Type-OptionsX-Content-Type-Options stops a browser from trying to MIME-sniff the content type and forces it to stick with the declared content-type. The only valid value for this header is "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff".
Set-CookieThere is no Cookie Prefix on this cookie. This is not a SameSite Cookie.
Referrer-PolicyReferrer Policy is a new header that allows a site to control how much information the browser includes with navigations away from a document and should be set by all sites.